Runråd 114. Loraine Jensen: Education in America and Elsewhere

On Thursday, October 20th, at 4.15 p.m. Swedish time, Loraine Jensen will give a presentation entitled ”Education in America and Elsewhere”. The Runråd (Eng. Rune Rede) takes place at its usual venue, room 16-2041 in the Dept. of Scandinavian Languages, but will also be available through Zoom:


For over a decade, the Department of Scandinavian Languages at Uppsala University has cooperated with the nonprofit organization American Association for Runic Studies (AARS), based in Minnesota, to disseminate correct facts about runes and runic inscriptions, through lecture tours, information brochures and various media appearances.  This presentation by AARS president, Loraine Jensen, will tell the story of how this all came about, and share ongoing efforts to raise public awareness of the significance of and need for runic studies. A new runic find in Minnesota will also be discussed.

Loraine Jensen was recently awarded the pedagogical prize from the The Royal Gustavus Adolphus Academy for Swedish Folk Culture. She is currently spending six weeks at Uppsala University as a Fulbright Specialist.


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