Runråd 110. Henrik Williams: The Rök runestone

Tid: 2022-01-20, 16:15–18:00
Plats: Zoom

I will present the new interpretation of the Rök runestone which is found in my recently published book Rökstenen och världens undergång, elaborating on and revising the scholary article ”The Rök Runestone and the End of the World”, published almost exactly two years ago.

Due to the pandemic, the colloquium will only be given via Zoom (see link below) and it will be recorded for possible future dissemination, so that anyone following on Zoom is taken to accept this. I will try to keep all personal information hidden, and no interaction is allowed during the presentation. I will try to answer any questions afterwards, submitted through the chat function. (If you want to  be anonymous there, you need to change your identity.)

The colloquium will held in English and is intended for a popular, non-specialist audience.

The colloquium will be given via Zoom at


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