Episode 4: Jarlabanki and his family

Viking Age style periods.

In Episode 4, I talk about one of the most famous families in the runestone world: that of Jarlabanki and his grandmother Æstriðr. Through the 18 (!) runestones connected to this family, we get a unique glimpse of an 11th century family. The episode also touches on Ann-Sofie Gräslund’s method for dating runestones through their ornamentation.

In the episode, I mention a project from the Swedish National Heritage Board, where I have recorded runic inscriptions for use on Wikimedia Commons. They were quicker than me in getting their podcast out, so if you understand Swedish, you can read about and listen to it on K-podd (podcast link at the end of the blog post). The link also includes several of the recordings, all of which can be found on Wikimedia Commons.

Listen to my recording of Jarlanki’s runestone U 164, the one to the left on the image below (Maja Bäckvall, CC BY):

Jarlabanki’s bridge in Täby with runestones U 164 and U 165. Photo: Marco Bianchi (CC BY).

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  1. Great podcast, I wonder if you studied or lived in Scotland as your accent sounds a bit Scottish at times?

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