Episode 2: The earliest runic inscriptions

The comb from Vimose. Photo: Roberto Fortuna and Kira Ursem, Nationalmuseet (CC BY-SA)

With apologies for the unexpected delay, here is the second episode of the Rune Cast! I interview Lisbeth Imer from the National Museum of Denmark about the earliest finds of runic inscriptions, and give you a brief overview of the recently discovered Øverby stone, preliminarily dated to the 5th century CE.

Interview starts at about 1:45, information about the Øverby stone starts at about 22:05.

The interview was conducted online, so the sound quality is not the best – especially not at the beginning of the interview.

Inscriptions mentioned in this episode

Lisbeth Imer examines the Viking Age and Medieval runic graffitis on Skrivarberget in Ystines, Norway. Photo: Marco Bianchi (CC BY).


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