New in Rundata 2.5

A new version of the client (Rundata 2.5) and the database (2008) have been released 2008-12-03 and revised 2009-01-05, 2009-01-14 and 2010-04-12.

Many new inscriptions have been added to the data base and the existing information has been revised and completed in many respects.

A selection of new functions in Rundata 2.5:

  • A new menu – Edit. It allows you to search, copy, cut and delete text as well as and change font.
  • New button (or hit F6)– display the inscription on a map at or in Google Earth.
  • New function – create a Google Earth file.
  • New function – create a GPX-fil and export it to your GPS.
  • New button – report errors and bugs.
  • New help file – does not work in Windows 95. For Windows Vista, read the instructions in readme.txt.