Technical and formal guidelines for contributions

Dear contributor to the Eighth International Symposium on Runes and Runic Inscriptions

As we wrote in the abstract-acceptance letters last November, the symposium publication is intended for the series Runrön. We also mentioned that the contributions would be anonymously refereed, but this has now changed. One reason is that over 50 papers were delivered at the symposium; it would be too cumbersome to get two referees for each of what we hope to be many submitted contributions for publication. (Most potential referees will also have attended the symposium.) A second reason is that the referee system, even though excellent in some respects, should not in our view be allowed to replace entirely the traditional system of editorial quality control.

Those of you for whom it is important to appear in a refereed volume have the option of submitting elsewhere, for example to Futhark. Those of you aspiring to publication in the conference report should go on reading.

You are encouraged to complete the text of your contribution to the symposium promptly. If you wish to find out whether you paper is of enough interest and quality to be accepted, you may submit preliminary versions at any time no later than November 1, 2014. The editors will make a first, non-binding evaluation.

The deadline for submitting papers (including abstracts in English) for publication in the symposium proceedings will be 5th January, 2015. (Acceptance or not will be decided continuously as soon as finished contributions arrive.) Late contributions will probably not be accepted. We encourage you to write in your native language or in whatever language you master best, provided it is Danish, English, German, Norwegian, or Swedish (regardless of what language you chose to speak in at the symposium). We do not want to be responsible for correcting deficient English. We want to stress that the quality of the language will be as important a factor in deciding acceptance as are contents. There will probably not be room for every contribution to be published in the symposium volume and the selection will be done according to the following guidelines:

  1. The most fully finished contributions as regarding language, adherence to formal requirements, contents
  2. Length. Preference will be given to articles of less than 10 pages, and longer than 15 is discouraged.
  3. Concrete results
  4. Interest to runic studies
  5. Adherence to symposium theme

Non-doctoral contributers are expected to have their advisors taking responsibility for the finished state of their contributions.

Technical and formal guidelines are attached. We will only consider fully finished contributions for publication.

Looking forward to you contribution,

Marco Bianchi & Henrik Williams