About the poster sessions

There will be two poster sessions, during which you will have the chance to discuss the content of your paper with the conference participants. More information about the time and the place for the poster presentations will be made available as soon as the conference program is fixed.

Submission of the poster

During the registration on Tuesday the 2nd the posters can be given to a member of the staff, who then will affix them to the walls of the exhibition hall before the poster sessions.

Technical guidelines

The surface area of the posters should preferably measure 841 x 1189 mm (DIN A0). Please remember that your poster should convey your most important results as clearly as possible. It should both give a quick overview to the casual observer and provide the careful reader with enough information to ask informed questions. Please bear also in mind that your illustrations and labels should be big enough to be viewed from a distance of 1 m or more. At the conference venue it will not be possible to print out the posters. Be therefore sure to bring the completed poster to the conference registration on Tuesday the 2nd.