The conference booklet contains the detailed program – including session chairs and session titles – along with the collection of abstracts.

All participants will receive a printed version of this file upon arrival at the conference venue.

Download the booklet  (pdf)

Corrections and Changes

This is a list of corrections and changes to the program after publication of the booklet. We will publish a corrected (historical) version of the booklet after the conference.


Page 5

Correction, page 5


P. Remove Replace with Date
4 K. Kazzazi & C. Zimmermann Kerstin Kazzazi 2014-08-29
4 Ute Zimmermann CANCELLED 2014-09-01
5 Gaby Waxenberger: Graphemes: … Gaby Waxenberger: The grapheme inventory of Pre-Old English and phoneme-grapheme relation 2014-08-29
5 Chair: Patrik Larsson Chair: Per Stille 2014-08-28
6 Chair: Christiane Zimmermann Chair: Rikke Steenholt Olesen 2014-08-29
10 guided by Per Stille & Patrik Larsson guided by Per Stille & Henrik Williams 2014-08-28
32 Kerstin Kazzazi & Christiane Zimmermann Kerstin Kazzazi 2014-08-29